PBR Sound Society Presents:


with Siena Liggins, Nolan The Ninja, Milfie, ft Music by Paramita Sound, ProblematicBlackHottie
Aug, 15 @ 8:00 pm ( Doors: 8:00 pm )
Magic Stick
Ages 21 and Up
No Cover
Additional Info
When artists push past fear to express something
raw and real, they create breakthrough work—a new sound, a new style, a new
statement—that empowers and excites their audience.
Siena Liggins
Siena Liggins is something like Detroit’s hidden gem. A military brat turned singer-songwriter by age eleven, it’s hard to say where her roots truly lie. However, an aptness for savoir-faire paired with hard hitting pop melodies and lyrics has secured her homes in a number of studios throughout the Rock City and along the east coast penning bops with the likes of Flint Eastwood, Supakaine, plus a slew of residents at Assemble Sound (that independent artist development hub operating out of a historic 1872 church-turned-recording studio complex in Detroit, MI). Live showcases and features by Firehouse Music Series and Passion MGMT have pushed Siena to pursue solo endeavors while she gears up for a summer of releasing music, as she puts it, “especially for girls who like girls.”
Nolan The Ninja

Rapper Jasmine Campbell, aka Milfie, is the personification of her own lyrics.

If she tells you in a song she will punch you in your head, in real life she will punch you in your head. If she says in a song she will give you the best sex you ever had, know that in real life she's going to give you the best sex you ever had.

She's a bad bitch: she's nasty, cute, silly, adorable, and sexy — and she's the mother of two beautiful boys (which is how she got her name).
ft Music by Paramita Sound
PBH’s mission is to create safe spaces, especially for femmes, to experience relief from the outside world and escape into the healing therapy of music for a time. Seeking to encourage and create spaces where people may connect with themselves and each other, express and be, she uses music and connection as a foundation for bringing people together. Believing in the power and potential of parties as rife political spaces where social and culture change can take place, she combines her scholarship and DJing to curate spaces for marginalized people, particularly femmes, to experience joy in a world where their bodies are targets of violence.