AEG and Crowdsurf Present:

Parade of Lasers

with Bear Grillz, Lucii, Somnium Sound, OG Nixin, Sythyst
Dec, 20 @ 7:00 pm ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
Majestic Theatre
Ages 16 and Up
$26.50 - $29.50
Parade of Lasers
Somnium Sound
Born and raised in Ohio, Sydney brought her love and passion of Electronic Music together by creating '“Sythyst” early last year. Coming out strong with DJ mixes that rival headliners, Sythyst aims to take every chance she gets to never disappoint. With unpredictable live shows she keeps listeners always interested.
Traveling for the last six years across the world to watch and learn how her peers preform, Sydneys interest had finally peaked and had decided to become a part of the music industry. Early march 2018 she took it upon herself to invest in the highest quality equipment to ensure professionalism from the start. Ever since Sythyst’s inception, mixes have been popping out quickly due to her natural talent and approach to the art.
Determined and driven to make it big in the industry she has shown due to already sharing main stage with some of dubsteps heavy hitters across the country. With her unique style in mixing and high energy she keeps the crowd always interested and hyped.