of Montreal

with Locate S,1
Oct, 11 @ 7:00 pm ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
Magic Stick
All Ages
All Ages
of Montreal

Hailing from Athens, GA., of Montreal have carved their own niche -- establishing themselves as a band that thrills fans with compelling live performances, delights critics with their constant innovations, and continually showcases their musical evolution by drawing from a different set of influences for each album.

Primary songwriter Kevin Barnes pours emotion -- heartbreak, frustration, elation, whimsy -- into lyrics that shift from adopted personas to invented alter egos to unobstructed views directly into his psyche.

Locate S,1
Having rotated between a handful of cast and characters under various titles over the years (Jepeto SolutionsCE Schneider TopicalChristina Schneider's Genius Grant...) Schneider has settled on the pop moniker Locate S,1 for her newest album, Healing Contest. 
 Healing Contest stands out as the fully realized, high-fidelity collaboration pairing Schneider’s compositions with the iconic creative force behind of Montreal. Produced, engineered and mixed by Kevin Barnes, Healing Contest is the debut release from Barnes' new label, Sybaritic Peer. 
 On Healing Contest, Schneider is back with a futuristic palette of electronic drums, funky bass lines, and quietly hyperactive chord progressions that are sure to impress even the most learned musical millennial. Locate S,1 is the result of a seasoned songwriter cum lo-fi home-recorder delving into the world of mid-fi pop, with results that are pleasantly difficult to define; a technical tour-de-force that extrapolates high-brow jazz harmonics and prog-rock time signatures into a whole menagerie of new forms—all while still passing as pop. 
 Recorded in Athens, GA with a wrecking crew of some of the Georgia's finest, each song is a gem, layered with facet after facet of shimmering ear candy. A polished statement from a songwriter who is truly in a class of her own. 
 Healing Contest is out digitally from Sybaritic Peer 4/20/18, and out on CD and vinyl from Nicey Music in 05/18/18 
 Photo by Drew Reynolds